Pixies Did It!™ Before And After

This large website was exported to a new platform and redesigned for a complete tune-up with more functionality and greater ease of use.

Email Before and After

Our email marketing system can make your email blasts a lot simpler and more effective! Check out a typical before and after example.

Website Before and After

From fickle to functional: we updated a problematic and essentially static website design to a dynamic, modern and easily maintainable website.

Gone In A Flash

Flash is a dying platform. Recently, we have redone the Roseland Ballroom's website as a non-flash CMS, SEO-friendly website.

Problem Solving

A prominent client dealing with high-end antiques requested our help in solving their inventory numbering system for trade shows. In the past, the client would print out clear stickers for their inventory and paste them on the glass next to the item, but t…
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Problem Solving
One of the many benefits of good design is saying "good riddance" to old problems.
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process-artdirection-photography-thumb.jpgArt Direction & Photography
Art direction & photography play important roles in seeing a great idea through to completion.
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Logo Development
Here is a brief overview of one of our recent projects to give you an idea of what goes into a logo design.
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